NIHR Associate Principal Investigator Scheme

The NightLife study (CPMS ID: 45387) has now been registered for the Associate Principal Investigator (PI) scheme and has been listed on the List of Registered Studies on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Associate PI Scheme Website:

The Associate PI scheme has been developed by West Midlands Research Collaborative, Birmingham Surgical Trials Consortium, Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit, and West Midlands NIHR Clinical Research Network.

The aims of the Associate PI Scheme are to:

  • Integrate clinical research into clinical training;
  • Develop doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to be PIs of the future;
  • Engage, recognise and promote doctor, nurse and allied health professional engagement in NIHR portfolio research in a consistent manner;
  • Increase opportunities for patients to be involved in high quality research to improve care.

The scheme is open to any doctors, nurses and allied health professionals willing to make a significant contribution to the conduct and delivery at a local level. The scheme is not open to those who are funded to work on research, such as Research Nurses. Local PIs will act as mentors to their Associate PI. A commitment of at least 6 months will be required for gaining Associate PI status.

Benefits of the Associate PI scheme:

For the Associate PI:

  • Experience of research – able to contribute to the conduct and delivery of a study at local level with the oversight of the local enthusiastic PI;
  • Learns about the challenges and practicalities of delivering a portfolio study, understands the responsibilities associated with the PI role, and their participation is recognised through certification for their CPD portfolio;
  • Associate PIs will be acknowledged in the primary publication(s) from the study, which will be defined upfront on an individual trial basis.

For Local PIs:

  • Additional support with the delivery of the study;
  • Play a part in developing the PIs of the future.

For Clinical Trials Units (CTUs):

  • Increased support for the trial at sites- managing delegation logs etc.;
  • Speedier delivery.

For Patients:

  • Increased opportunities to be involved in high- quality research.

Applicants are now able to register to be Associate PIs for this study, having obtained approval from their local PI, using the NIHR Associate PI Scheme Applicant Registration Form which is also available on the NIHR Associate PI Scheme Website:

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